Veronica Roth - Divergent

Veronica Roth - Divergent
Veronica Roth - Divergent

Dieser Artikel ist auf Englisch geschrieben worden, weil ich die englische Originalfassung von Divergent gelesen habe.

In future-Chicago society is divided into five different factions, each one values another skill. As teens get sixteen they all have to do an aptitude test and then chose their faction which they will belong to their entire life. There is one rule above all other: Faction before blood.
The Abnegation born (Abnegation values selflessness) Beatrice Prior is sixteen and her aptitude test results are inconlusive - she is brave, selfless and clever. This combination is rare and called "divergent". So where does she belong? Beatrice chooses Dauntless, the brave faction. During the initiation process she gets to know the intructor Four and that being divergent is dangerous - she has to hide her secret very well. The Erudite, the faction that values knowledge, want to eradicate all divergents to achieve their goal which is destroying the current system and getting wealthy. To do so a special simulation serum was developed. It makes total control over all non-divergent Dauntless possible so that Jeanin Mathews, the Erudite leader, can use them as abulic soldiers. Tris is an obstacle because she is not influenced by the serum. As well as Four by whom Tris is attracted.

Divergent is a dystopian novel and this genre was totally new for me when I startet reading Divergent. However, while reading I noticed that the genre meets my approval, as well as the novel.

Veronica Roth has written a very good story since she has put a romance, a familiy-story, a secret and a rebellion into one piece of work. She was able to create a balance between the different aspects so that her novel is not overloaded and that it does not seem like a plump attempt to write a book. I personally like the way she develops the romance between Four and Tris very much - many details are used to create it and the two characters have a plenty of traits that somehow fit together. In comparison to the book the movie cuts and shortens the development of the romance in great parts.
Another point that pleases me is the setting. I don't mean that I like the city of Chicago very much but I like the authors idea of the five different factions (I think I would fit into Amity or Erudite - but I'd prefer Amity) and the life in Chicago.
The Dauntless-faction itself and the life there is not my "taste" as it is very brutal and while reading I've sometimes thought "No, I wouldn't do that so I don't like reading about beating someone up" but it is an essential element of the story an I had to get along with this because I wanted to read this novel.


All in all I say that Divergent is a good-written and exciting story and if I got the other parts of the trilogy, I would enjoy reading them.

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