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a game of thrones - grr martin

A family in the north. A wall which needs to be guarded. A king in the south. A plot in King's Landing. A princess in exile.

Seven kingdoms to rule, one iron throne for the king. But who will be the king?

When Eddard Stark, Lord of Winterfell, is visited by his best friend Robert Baratheon, now king of the realm, his whole family's life is changed. Robert wants Ned to be his right hand and rule instead of him. His former hand John Arryn has died - but why is obscure. Although Ned gets a hint Arryn was murdererd he follows his king from Winterfell to King's Landing taking his daughters with him. He is not welcomed by everyone and while he is away from home his son Bran is almost murdererd.

Ned also fathered a bastard - Jon Snow - who his Lady Catelyn Stark hates. So the fourteen year old boy decides to go to the wall. The wall -  a huge, many kilometres long building in the very far north protects the realm againts the creatures of winter - winter is coming. And when the winter comes it lasts many years. With the whinter there come wildlings and evern worse beings. It is the task of the sworn brothers of the Nigth's Watch to defend the humans from those.

When the king suddenly dies his heir (or maybe he isn't his heir) Geoffrey is crwoned king - and war breaks out.

I haven't written a review for a long time.

Well I have to admit that Game of Thrones is - sadly and you all will hate me for that - not my style. I watched the HBO series, yes. It was epic, yes. Nevertheless, I don't like GoT that much.

I try to explain it by comparing it to Lord of the Rings which is truly epic! <3

Well in LotR they all have a common goal, namely destroying Sauron. There are different struggles and destinations within the storyline but they all come to a conclusion as Frodo and Sam throw this goddamn ring into the mountain of fire.

The problem with GoT is: There are so many different characters and motives! The starks, they want to survive. Danaerys wants revenge. Rob Stark goes to war and wants revenge to. The Lannisters long for power and money. But WITHIN them they are also so different - Cersei wants power, power, power, Geoffrey is a little asshole, the imp just tries to be sucessful and of course he's cunning. And the watch then has an enemy which is dangerous for the whole realm and noone is interested in. Guys! Can't you find a solution? Noooo, they have to kill each other.

Please don't think I hate GoT, I really admire Martin's work. Man, he has written a book with so many different stories which do all contribute to a great story! But it is difficult for me to stay interested in so many many various plots. When I read the book, I was so happy: Yeah, it's an Arya chapter, whooho! (I love her!) and then when I was finally in a reading flow THE ARYA CHAPTER WAS THROUGH. And who followed? Sansa (little dumb girl). Or Danaerys (yeah, I am a khaleesi dragon queen! I can kill you all!).

So it took me long time to finish this book. I finally did. And if I'll read the next one?

I don't know. Maybe they're better in German.

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